Request for input: Rentable storage

Storage costs are high in the EVM model. We’re wondering if the developer community is interested in a rentable storage facility. The idea is that you could allocate some kind of storage area that would cost less but would evaporate unless regular “rent” was paid to keep it alive.

This could be much cheaper for data with a limited lifetime, because the system could avoid the usual Ethereum requirement that storage needs to be available forever.

An obvious way to implement this is with a precompile.

Is this valuable to developers?


Here’s one approach to rentable storage:

Add a precompile that lets a caller create a “storage bin” that it owns. The owner can use a precompile write a block of data to the bin. Anyone can use a precompile to read the current value from the bin.

Many bins can exist. Any account can own as many bins as it likes, as long as it pays for them.

The cost of a bin is linear in its size.

A bin will evaporate after a fixed interval (say 14 days) unless a fee is paid to renew it. Anyone can pay to renew a bin, for as long a period as they like.

The fees create create and renew bins should be lower than creating storage, because create/renew is paying for a limited time period, but storage allocation must pay to store the data forever.