What do you think about multiaccounts? how to deal with them correctly?

I am interested in your methods and opinions on the fight against drop hunters. Or do you think that there is no need to fight them at all? that they do not harm the ecosystem, but only develop interest in it?


The experience of the HOP protocol has already shown us that Sybil’s struggle with the attack should not become the goal of the project.


I think Arbitrum team must resist it in every possible way


Yea, agreed with you


The more interesting question is how to find the drophunters, how to do not drop out the true users? Any offers? Mean in such days many people doing activity, to receive degennft, they realize activity high in 1 day, possible will be good idea reward people who doing activity during at least month/two in network?


you need to enter KYC, as a drop hunter this will definitely add complexity


If you are a platform or website administrator and suspect that someone is using sockpuppetry to manipulate the system, there are a few steps you can take to investigate and address the issue:

  1. Gather evidence: Look for patterns of behavior or other indicators that suggest the use of multiple accounts. This may include posts or comments that seem to be coming from multiple users but have similar writing styles, language patterns, or interests.
  2. Analyze the evidence: Carefully review the evidence you have gathered and consider the context in which it was collected. Look for any concrete evidence that links the accounts in question, such as shared IP addresses or other identifying information.
  3. Take action: If you have determined that sockpuppetry is taking place, take appropriate action based on the severity of the offense and the terms of service or guidelines of your platform. This may involve issuing warnings, banning accounts, or taking other disciplinary action.

It is important to be fair and transparent when dealing with sockpuppetry, and to document any actions you take in case they are challenged or appealed.


It should be understood that there are a huge number of users and it is quite difficult to spot drophunters by analyzing behavior patterns.
Considering that there are a million guidelines for “potential retrodropping” activities on Twitter, there are a lot of real users doing the same things.
Some of the most valid methods are already in use: KYC and wallet link analysis. This does not guarantee complete elimination of multi-accounts, but it makes life much more difficult for such characters


It seems to me that you should not pay attention to this, it is worth paying attention to those who make identical transactions thanks to a script or code, in any case, look at the analytics and you will see that most people have only 5 transactions in the network. It seems to me that a true follower has more than 30 transactions in the network. It says a lot


maybe KYC can be good


You should also understand that multiaccounter is not the same as drop hunter. The former are not interested in the project ecosystem in principle, while the latter are in fact its active users, testing, developing it and taking part in its technical and social activities.


It seems to me that KYC is a very bad idea, then what kind of decentralization in cryptocurrency can we talk about?


I think the team will make a quality airdrop (IF THERE IS AT ALL), while drophunters are fighting for an unconfirmed airdrop, this is not a problem. But we all hope


It seems to me that this is not a necessary fight, because the airdrop is unconfirmed. Then why fight for?) First of all, you need to develop the ecosystem


Now there are a lot of bots in the system. But what if the picture was taken a long time ago, when there were no bots yet, then why fight with them if they increase the TVL of ecosystems and much more, it seems to me that this is the case when bots are useful rather than harming Arbitrum


If a person uses 2-3 accounts without evil thoughts, this is normal. One account can be used for stacking, the second for multi-signature. If a person specifically creates dozens of accounts for the purpose of earning money, this is bad


in my experience of previous drops, if the project is focused on weeding out multiaccounts, the community will hate it and its ecosystem will quickly empty, people will not use it out of principle :grimacing:


your words are more likely to apply to web 2, because there is more emphasis on wallets, and a selection will be carried out on them, and not on accounts close to social networks :neutral_face:


it seems to me that the project does not necessarily have to deal with multiaccounts, it can use them for good, to attract users to the ecosystem and increase the daily number of transactions on the network :grinning:


I think the fight against them can harm ordinary users. And KYC is all the more not a way out, blockchain implies anonymity.