The Arbitrum Nodes are updated to the v.1.4.5

Arbitrum devs should know, that now ARBITRUM Nodes are updated to the v.1.4.5. Check it out

Arbitrum is a go-to L2 choice for many dApp developers around the world. Arbitrum offers cost and time-efficient services for its clients designed to make the process of decentralized application development accessible to everyone and offload Ethereum mainnet.

As its primary scalability solution, Arbitrum utilizes a technology called optimistic (transaction) rollup. The unique protocol allows transaction execution of Ethereum-based smart contracts on the Arbitrum L2 chain.The Arbitrum rollup is different in the sense that not every transaction needs to be verified. Validators assume that the execution is correct; however, it is possible to dispute the assertion if the dishonest behavior is suspected by at least one validator. The term “rollup” is used to describe the ability of validators to reconstruct the historical log of events conducted on the chain.

GetBlock provides instant access to shared & dedicated Arbitrum nodes which could be integrated into DeFi, NFT marketplace or Play-to-Earn game in a matter of hours. Get API key and start building on Arbitrum Node via GetBlock.


Hello, how to run Arbitrum Nodes?


@Sashko check official site! :slightly_smiling_face:


Here’s how to do it and there’s a video tutorial inside :wink:

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