Minimal Hardware for Validator and Full Nodes

Hi all. I want to deploy an validator and full node. Tell me what minimum hardware it will work on (the minimum system requirements seem to me to be too high).
SSD (NVMe) size
Network bandwidth (mbps)


Details are here: How to run a full node (Nitro) | Arbitrum Docs

From that page:

  • Following specifies the minimum hardware configuration required to setup a Nitro full node (not archival):
    • RAM: 8-16 GB
    • CPU: 2-4 core CPU (For AWS: t3 xLarge)
    • Storage: Minimum 1.2TB SSD (make sure it is extendable)
    • Estimated Growth Rate: around 3 GB per day

Can you tell me where the equipment for the node should be located? At home or is it better in the data center? And what if there is a power outage (for several hours), how will this affect the node operator?

You could run a node at home or in a data center. If your node loses power (or connectivity), it would have to catch up after reconnecting, by executing the blocks it missed. That node software should be able to do that automatically, but during the catch-up period your node wouldn’t have up-to-date state of the chain.

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Thanks for the answer.