Analytics on Arbitrum Fees paid on L1 vs L2

How much L1 fees does an average transaction on Arbitrum pay? Within that L1 fee, how much of it goes towards calldata? What are the fixed costs, amortizable costs, and other overheads related to each transaction or batch?

Maybe I have not looked hard enough, but I have failed to find any resources that answer questions related to L1 fees spent by Arbitrum. An analytics dashboard (like this one) would be extremely useful. Keeping track of L1 and L2 gas data like this would be helpful in the long run for any analysis of what potential Etheruem EIPs may impact Arbitrum.

For example, how much would EIP-4844 (proto-danksharding) reduce Arbitrum fees? We can provide an answer to this question with significantly more ease and exactitude if we kept track of the historical usage of calldata and related fees on Arbitrum.


the cost of gas will most likely change as the number of share transactions grows, I do not think that now it is possible to predict its price in the near future