Hacer atac from Arbitrum?

  1. I registered on your service from the addres
    he was broken, if something happens to him, it’s not me. I have already written to the Arbitrum support service several times.
    But they replied that they do not store user data. Restore google account failed. It feels like they’re being bullied. I have a device, the phone number specified during registration,
    the same network with which I sat and registered as standard and my password. The kidnappers changed the password, phone number and device. Support tells you
    that since I do not have access to the device and the number, they cannot help in any way.

  2. My Google account, hot wallet and instant messengers were opened. Including Discord.
    3 I created a topic on the forum https://forum.arbitrum.foundation/ now it is
    4 https://arbitrum.foundation/ is also not available

  3. I transferred money via anrop, 03/09/2023 investment action,
    but I had connection failure and hacker attacks started. Money was withdrawn from the burning wallet.

  4. They tried to break my cold wallet, but they didn’t seem to be able to.
    Many different scam tokens were sent there. I found the source
    (there was a topic about this on your forum, see above)
    FILTERED BY TOKEN HOLDER (Arbitrum Foundation: Token Distributor)
    it says here you get a male penis and not anrop
    7 At the previous forum, it was recommended to contact the police.
    Guys, I’m in a small country right now, on a tourist visa. Not only do I speak little English,
    so the local population does not speak English at all. I’m currently translating through google translator.

Any ideas what can be done? Maybe my panic is unnecessary. I don’t get into instant messengers, and now I can’t get into websites.